UPD Wellness

Our affiliation with the University at Buffalo and our place in the WNY community enables us to …“practice what we teach!” We are committed to the most advanced, proven standards of care and we treat patients with the same compassion that we teach our UB Dental Students with … because every family deserves the best.

With over 200 employees and eight offices, how do we ensure that our team is supported and focused on our mission? The answer is one piece at a time. 

The first piece of the UPD puzzle, is Wellness. We want to make sure that our team is on track to a healthy, happy, and fit lifestyle. Our Wellness initiative will focus on twelve different months that are centered around National Initiatives that our community celebrates. Each month, we will dedicate our time and effort to bringing knowledge and health to our employees, and to our community.

This month is focused on Cleft Palate + Craniofacial Awareness. Our focus as dental professionals revolves around 5 topics: Risk of Birth Defects, Early Treatment, Anomalies, Self Esteem + Confidence, and the Treatment Triangle. Learn more as we release more information regarding these topics throughout the month.